The "KOSTASystem" videometry poject is working in several beaches of the const of Basque Contry

Excellence in Instrumentation & Control

Who we are

We are an instrumentation and control company located at the north of Spain. Since 1.992 we have been devoted to providing the most advanced instrumentation and control devices to the resources and facilities management companies, in order to improve the supervision and control of their processes and infrastructures as well as the monitoring of environmental surveillance networks.

Own design, manufacturing and support

Our engagement with the development and manufacturing of our own designed cutting edge devices allows us to offer the most reliable products and customized solutions at the most cost-effective price, also providing a product lifetime after-sales support.


Our expertise is supported by plenty of success cases during our almost 30 years of deploying products and industrial control systems for the management of facilities and environmental surveillance networks.

Technical support

We daily do our best to offer state of the art robust and reliable products and solutions together with excellence based free on-line support along the different stages of the customer’s project.