QFH gauging station


The IRIS BOX QFHThe IRIS BOX QFH gauging station series apply the state of the art data measurement/processing and communication technologies in order to accurate calculate, acquire and log the level, flow and volume in hydrological works and facilities, such as open channels, weirs, flumes,… The simplicity of this gauging station lies in the use of a unique radar contact less level sensor together with a powerful software to calculate the flow of an open channel, thus eliminating the vulnerability and maintenance that represents the installation of submersible sensors, also assuming a much more economical and easy to install solution, without intervention in the wet area of the channel.
Besides, the IRIS VPN service offered by ISURKI allows the remote connection to the gauging station from any smart device WITH NO IP REQUIRED for the station.

The parameters measured by the IRIS BOX QfH gauging station are:

Level of the water surface referred to the channel floor
Instantaneous flow
Poested volume during record interval
Volume general totalizer with reset

The functionalities that the IRIS BOX QfH gaugin station offers are:

Local LCD display for on-site real time parameters readings.
Remote real time parameters supervision from any smart device.
Alarms management via e-mail messages.
Remote configuration
Data logging and data sheets compatible .txt files generation.
Redundant back up of logged data: internal disk on chip and external user’s pen drive.
Automated sFTP logged data files upload
Uninterrupted Power Supply included to ensure service continuity in the event of a mains power failure.
Control of flow limiting field actuators.
Custom calibration for irregular section channels
Record of events, alarms and incidence

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Hydraulic engineering

Design of gauging solutions for open channels and pressure pipes

ISURKI offers nearly 30 years of expertise in hydraulic engineering for free and pressurized conduits flow gauging designs regardless of the field constructive and hydraulic characteristics, either using primary devices such as Parshall flumes and weirs (triangular, rectangular and trapezoidal) or without them in regular section and known slope conduits (Manning).
Indirect turbined flow calculation procedure through automatic interrogation of instant power readings in electric power meter (protocol IEC 870-5-102) is also available.

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