ISURLOG Compact IIoT data logger is based on the cutting-edge SP-IIoT-SAP (Self Powered Industrial Internet of Things Sensor Access Point) technology, offering the next outstanding features:

• Integrates as a node of a LoRa network into the Internet of Things environment.
• Integrates as a node of a LoRa network into the Internet of Things environment.
• Allows remote configuration, from either local wifi or internet, of the device's operating parameters.
• WhatsApp and Telegram real time messaging of alarms and diagnostics
• On-the-cloud data logging uploading and downloading, thus allowing the user the analysis and optimizations of the controlled infrastructure.
• User friendly interface to third party devices, (PLCs, controllers etc) by means of MQTT protocol.
• Embedded atmospheric and air quality sensor as an option.


LoRa is a long-range licence-free radio communications infrastructure that entirely fits the requirements of the IIoT ecosystem, featuring:

Ultra-low power consumption. Long range.
Licence and access free. Low cost of investment.
Easy to deploy. High data security.

Any Lora module/node requires a LoRa gateway for access to the internet, in the way that a traditional personal computer needs a gateway as an interface between the local area network and the internet. Both the node and the gateway must be registered in one of the currently existing network servers like The Things Network, Helium or ChirpStack These servers channel the data traffic towards a cloud base data host like Google Drive, Azure, AWS… from where the user can either directly download the logged data by the ISURLOG Compact registered unit or run other related apps (see ↓). The basic execution of the ISURLOG Compact requires the optional LoRa module to be attached to become a LoRa node.

Beyond the on-the-shelf ready-to-use standard product, ISURKI provides the user with excellence-based support for the customization of any particular applications in the case the standard OSS software does not fulfil the customer’s requirements, including tailored software solutions and on-site commissioning, thus delivering turn-key projects seizing our engineering skills. For these locations in which a LoRa link is unavailable, ISURKI’s NB-IoT based ISURLOG Compact series provides LTE mobile network communications. Both LoRa and LTE based units can coexist within the same IRIS-IIoT ecosystem


One of the most outstanding features of LoRa connectivity lies on its long-distance range, even in urban environments. Although there are documented success cases of links up to 200 km under exceptional propagation conditions, the most common guaranteed peer-to-peer links are in the 20 km range. According to our experiments through currently running LoRa connected systems deployed in the areas nearby our location, success links of up to 15 km have been achieved, even under unfavourable conditions due to hilly orography and intermediate urban and industrial settlements. The attached pictures illustrate one such case. ↓ →

ISURLOG Compact is based on SP-IIoT-SAP (Self Powered Industrial Internet of Things Sensor Access Point), therefore standing out for:

• Using Energy Harvesting / rechargeable batteries for the supply of the unit
• Allowing the data monitoring and device management from/to any smart device.
• Wireless access point to any 4/20 mA sensor.
• Cloud based uploading of the logged data.
• The use of WiFi and LoRa connectivity.
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